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212 Trancom Ct. Wilmington, NC

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What started as a hobby in our founder’s garage, has turned into an exciting, vibrant business serving hundreds of clients in the Cape Fear region and across the country. Nine years ago, when Jeff Potter started tinkering around with powder coating some of his own motorcycle and automotive parts in his makeshift shop, he had no idea that the demand for his art would lead to a company with ten employees and a 15,000 square foot facility. Fast forward to today and Live Wire Powder Coating is one of the State’s premier coating facilities. With clients in the industrial, automotive and architectural fields, Live Wire has custom coated hundreds of thousands of parts, building accents and products. Nothing is off limits, from the semiconductor industry to aluminum, or any metallic object. Large parts, outdoor art work, hand railings, ornamental iron, industrial fabrications, architectural items such as different styles of railings, banisters, fencing, metals, pipes, stainless steel, hardware, control panels, signs, displays and fixtures. Of course, automotive and motorcycle parts still remain a huge part of Live Wire’s business.